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One of our first sponsors is the Durango plumbing company. We hope you will benefit greatly from the information our sponsors share with us. Weekly messages and value articles will be provided at our expense and we want you to take advantage of them to the fullest. Plumbing Durango was really the first company to reach out to us and we have no regrets partnering up with them. One of the most exciting parts of teaming up for us is the opportunity to show you a side to every industry, a peek into the corners of all the unknown. We don’t want our sponsors to just be sponsors. We want them to be value-sponsors. To NEVER miss out on premium content be sure to sign up with our newsletter. Weekly updates, messages, and coupons are included! Don’t waste any more time missing out on value on a weekly basis.

Here’s a value message from our sponsor.

How to Fix Your Dripping Faucet

Leaking Faucet

This is one of the most common issues amongst homeowners and we want to provide a quick snip of information that may save your day if you’ve had this problem lingering for a while.

Step 1: Remove Faucet by taking off any handle covers and removing the valve stem by unscrewing.

Step 2: Remove the old gasket, seat washer, and screw from the valve stem.

Step 3: Apply plumbers grease and replace with a new gasket, seat washer, and screw.

Step 4: Remove your valve seat using a hex wrench and insert a new one.

Step 5: Put all your parts back together and enjoy your new tight seal.

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